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The National Home Watch Association is the source for all things Home Watch. Our group is built on the foundation of sharing information, which enables us to develop the most sound and effective practices and procedures relating to the Home Watch industry. So, when it comes time for the serious Home Watch company to learn about Home Watch, who better to learn from but some of the top minds and most successful businesspeople in the Home Watch industry today? And, as a member in good standing of the NHWA, you will be able to do just that.

Home Watch Boot Camp is a two-day session conducted in a one-on-one setting, where you will learn through performing Home Watch visits with your instructor at actual homes and condos. The NHWA believes that learning on-property is a much more effective training location and will encourage you to be more involved and retain more knowledge than strictly in a classroom setting. The NHWA also believes in training for your geographical region and climate when possible. Not only do we provide a curriculum that is applicable to any area, but we have also developed regional curriculums. Home Watch Boot Camp’s intensive training also includes the NHWA’s Home Watch Business Basics course, which covers topics ranging from instruction on marketing, pricing, proper billing and effective reporting to the client.

Home Watch Boot Camp concludes with reviews of all learned material as well as testing for the Certified Home Watch Professional (CHWP) designation. Boot Camp and the CHWP designation will provide you with a solid foundation, instant credibility, and ongoing support from instructors and other members.



Current pricing for in-person Home Watch Boot Camp is $1,800. Virtual Boot Camp pricing is $1,500.  Call the NHWA office for available times and locations at (843) 357-6660, or send us a message with the form on the right.

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